Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Seginelipper: Search Engine Link Stripper

For Google and Yahoo!

Paste the link below (with the http/https protocol)

This is a pure client side (browser) application. No data (of the link text) is sent to anywhere.
This tool is fairly simple. It uses JavaScript's decodeURIComponent() method and it is combined with some URL patterns we observed.

How to Use

  1. Go to either Google or Yahoo!.
  2. Search anything there. If you find anything interesting, do not click it right away, copy the link first. Right click ► copy link or URL.
  3. Paste that link on the application above, and hit the "Strip!".
  4. The actual URL will be shown.
  5. Select ► copy the actual URL ► open new tab/window ► paste ► go to that link.

Why do I wanna do that?

There are many different reasons. One of them is for fun and discovery.
And second, on Google or Yahoo!, there are compacted long links.
This tool is useful for those compacted links.