Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dr. Sbaitso - Free Download Ancient DOS App

Nostalgia time

Dr. Sbaitso is an artificial intelligence speech synthesis program released in 1992 by Creative Labs for DOS-based personal computers.

You can interact with Dr. Sbaitso like you're consulting to a Shrink (Psychiatrist). It won't tell you direct solution, but it's so funny, you'll laugh, maybe. It's like chatting with your computer.

All you've gotta do is type whatever comes in your mind to Dr. Sbaitso, and he will respond to your typed words/sentence. It's somehow the ancient Siri (Apple).


DOS application

Size: 210 KB

Developer: Creative Labs

Publisher: Creative Labs

Year: 1992

Screenshot of a silly conversation

conversation with Dr. Sbaitso

After you download it, unzip Dr. Sbaitso, and click (run) the SBAITSO2.BAT to start the application.

This is a DOS application (works on Windows XP 32-bit, top).

For 64 bit platform (Windows) or non-Windows, use DOSBox to simulate that 90s platform.

On DOSBox website, click "Downloads" and, if you use Windows 64 bit, then click big green button "Download Now SOURCEFORGE...", if not, pick other installer type.

After you download it, install DOSBox on your machine. And follow tutorials on how to use it from DOSBox website or other (like YouTube videos, blogs, etc. Not that hard).