Monday, September 8, 2014

Let's Play 5x5 Nic Nac Noe

This is a 5x5 Tic Tac Toe.
Written in HTML with interacting JavaScript and then styled with CSS.
Plus, instead of using crosses and circles, I created some shapes, rhombuses and circles.
It's some kind of creativity.

Winning condition:
get the same shape for 5 consecutive row cells or column cells or diagonal cells
You can do that by clicking the square.

There are three levels, the easy, medium, and annoying. You can switch level after you've done playing with the previous level, or by pressing the reset button.

FYI, no scoring is kept here. It will be reset to zero if you switch level or close the window, and somehow, visit again.


Nic Nac Noe

You: 0 — Comp: 0
Start by clicking the square. Level can be chosen above.
Reset click: 0

Nic Nac Noe will observe nearby empty spaces to block you (not the entire field). But still combined with surprisingly smart or dumb move. Mostly dumb.
So, you might want to spread your pieces first. Create a forking pattern.
That applies for "medium" and "annoying".

  • Enhanced some really annoying blocking in the "annoying" level. Revamped.
  • Downgraded the keyword level "hard" to "medium".
  • Added the "annoying" level.