Saturday, November 16, 2013

Online Rock-Paper-Scissors

Update Oct 19, 2015

This is, like, the awesomest game ever.

Children and teens play that, often. Well, children do.

Adults also do that, in spare time. The fun adults. If we can't reach a win-win solution of an argument or some bickering or even a "crucial" decision making, we could do this. Pretty funny.

The rules are simple:

  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beats paper 
  • Paper beats rock

The scoring:

  • If you win, the score and the total count will go up by one.
  • If you lose, the score will stay the same, but the total count is still incremented ► lower total percentage.
  • Draw: the score and the total count stay the same ► static percentage from the earlier score.

Let's have some good ol' memory by clicking this thing below.

Try to win 5 times.

rock stone scissors paper
Not you

Click the picture
Win 5 times
Thanks for playing


The computer (browser) will randomly choose its own thing via JavaScript Math.random(). In another word, computer won't be basing its reply on what you've chosen. Beat the computer, get the nearest score of 100%, if you can.

The super nice icons above were found on

  • The "caveman lifting a rock" icon by
  • The "pair of scissors" icon by
  • The "two papers" icon by
  • The "trophy" icon by
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