Friday, September 25, 2015

DBKH5: Drum Basic Kits HTML5

How to Use

  1. Please wait a moment until all resources are ready.
  2. Use mouse click (or tap, on mobile) and/or keyboard keys (desktop) to play DBKH5.
    For the keyboard keys list, there's a note below each drum kit box.
  3. Each drum kit volume can be adjusted independently by dragging or clicking each volume control below the kit box.
  4. This tool is better viewed or played on desktop or maybe a tablet.
    Browser on mobile device has that "tap delay" (for fail-safe-response reason).


  1. For fun, of course.
  2. You may record your playing here and use it for your own creative work.
    You can use super awesome free screen (+audio) capture software to do that.
    For example, CamStudio.
    Extract the audio and create your cool stuff!

Button background image is a modification of Grungy Wood Texture from StockVault.