Monday, May 19, 2014

PriNuTor: Prime Number Generator

This is the Prime Number Generator (a.k.a PriNuTor).
The logic is typed in JavaScript and the interface is styled with CSS.

PriNutor can generate (up to 10,000) prime numbers from "any" (positive integer ≥ 2) starting number.

Example, if you wanna start from 6 and you need to generate 2 prime numbers from that, then :
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

The result will be 7 and 11.

Read this first, please.
  • You can't start from 1 or 0 or negative integer or non-integer.
  • You can't put 0 or negative integer or non-integer for the total of the generated prime numbers.
  • This tool can generate up to 10,000 numbers (ten thousand).
    But please make sure your machine is "capable" of doing it.
    Somewhere around not-too-old browser and things.

    The iteration is like a sudden jolt to your machine (the browser, particularly). No worries.
    BUT, generally, recommended safe limit is 1,000 (one thousand).
  • To avoid browser crash, put considerably small number.
    The starting point maximum value is limited to one trillion (1,000,000,000,000).
    Remember, if you near around billion-ish, use the recommended safe limit for the will-be-generated prime numbers.

    The safe limit will dynamically change starting from the billion-ish number. It will reduce itself from 10,000 to 10.
  • Reset/clear all by hitting the first input box.
  • Please always use the latest browser to enjoy the modern internet.
    Google Chrome and Firefox are the topnotch browsers you can find.
TXT output
New feature! (and updated on Oct 6, 2017)
We equip this tool with txt file/window generator if you generate more than 9 numbers.
The generator button will appear at the top of the output.

Therefore, to generate more than 10,000 numbers:
  • First, cluster your number range.
  • Generate the txt output.
  • Copy the txt and paste it to your text application.
  • Repeat.
For your information
According to Dear Wikipedia, the largest prime number (August 2015) has 17,425,170 digits.
It has seventeen million, four hundred twenty five thousand, one hundred and seventy digits.
Try it out!
This produces 13 digits maximum.

Prime Number Generator

You'll see the prime numbers right here.

Main function idea

Go to this JavaScript code repository.