Monday, November 25, 2013

Hebideter: Hexadecimal, Binary, Decimal Converter

Convert different (computer) numeral systems to standard decimal and the other way around.

There are 3 different numeral systems here:
  1. Hexadecimal.
  2. Decimal.
  3. Binary.
And there are:
  1. Input.
  2. Output.
Thus, the, um:

With n = 3, and r = 23!/(3-2)! = 3*2*1/1 = 6.
Because of completely same reason, incidentally, this tool has 6 options too.

This tool only accepts integers. No approximation for fractions/with decimal point.

Hebideter is triggered each time you type something or clicking the different option.


Click any option to start...
Hex to Dec
Bin to Dec
Dec to Hex
Dec to Bin
Hex to Bin
Bin to Hex