Friday, September 23, 2016

HTLCER: HTML Tag Lowercase-er

Update Sep 24, 2016

What is?

This is an HTML (JavaScript controller with clickable CSS styled HTML element interface) tool to convert all* HTML tag that has uppercase letter to lowercase. This will not change the original horizontal indentations and vertical spaces.

  • HTML comments
  • The attributes within the tag (style, value, name, href, src, etc...)

The meta viewport tag dilly will be lowercase-ed, since I had problem with mixed letter case on Firefox mobile back then a while ago somewhen. Just in case.

How to Use

  1. Paste your HTML code onto the input box. If it has HTML tag, "LOWERCASE IT!" button will be enabled.
  2. Click the "LOWERCASE IT!" button ► you'll get the lowercase-ed output plus there's a monitor to see which one is replaced.
  3. Click the output string once it's processed to select all. Right click to copy and all.
  4. To revert back, click "RESTORE".


So that you'll have uniform letter case of some sort. Hm.

How come?

Actually, it's case insensitive on most browsers nowadays (html, head, meta, body,.., if we use same opening and closing letter case), so it's not 100% necessary. What an unrelated answer that is.



HTLCER is a local / client / browser application. It sends nothing to anywhere.

That's about that. Merry beary explanatory.

Update Sep 24, 2016

Updated the filter. I forgot to test it with this pattern below.

<DIV id="ratataT" class="SomeWheERE OUThtere">Div Content</DiV>
As for now, it will be processed to be:
<div id="ratataT" class="SomeWheERE OUThtere">Div Content</div>
It searches and replaces only the tag name, not the attributes and the content enclosed by the tag.