Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dainder: The Day Finder





  • Sep [forgot], 2015
    Updated the "name" of this tool. It was a typo. Like, a very much arbitrary typo.
  • August 29, 2015
    Updated the limit for year. Dainder follows the rules for HTML5's input[type="date"].
  • August 28, 2015
    Updated the method a bit so that Dainder can work more properly.

How to Use

  • Type the year, month, and day (number) on each input, respectively. And the day name of that date will be displayed.
  • Minimum year number is 1, and it can accept any other positive integer less than or equal to 275,760.
  • Both month and day numbers start at 1.
    1st month is January, and 1st day is Sunday (not the date, but the weekday).
  • Maximum month number is 12.
  • Maximum day number is 31.
  • To reset all, simply click/tap the reset button.

Additional Notes

  • For day number beyond the month scope, for instance 2015-2-31, will be automatically-corrected to 2015-3-3.
    It's the wonder of ECMAScript (JavaScript).
    But of course, obvious weird date pattern will result error.
  • For the year 275,760, the maximum month is September (9) and the day is 13. After that, it will set itself to January 1 (of 275,760).
    This is the discussion on Stack Overflow.

The days were named after planets

Actually from the names of Roman's gods. We call them as "planets" now. By we, I mean books, mandatory knowledge. Back then, well, sometime ago, just plain star. Lights in the sky. Because it is, they are. Thank you for the brick.