Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Free Download Flash 6 Strings Bass Notes Reference

The (embedded) flash object is deprecated for the web.
The tool below (by default) doesn't work on mobile device.

The open sixth string note is B, not C. Somebody played it wrong and put it on this tool.
— Port Raptor

The above tool is using really simple Flash.
Width: 300px and height: 300px.
If the flash object above doesn't load, try to this page.

This small flash can become handy for offline purpose - playable on computer - or online, embedded on your site/blog.

How to embed the SWF (Flash) file on your site/blog:

  • Upload the file to your online storage, or free host which allows direct linking, such as Google Sites, Drop Box, etc. 
  • Use this code to embed your SWF file on wherever part of your site the flash will appear.
  • Change the URL-of-SWF-file.swf with your own URL link of the swf file. Remember, there are 3 (three) URL lines to be altered there. You have to put the same URL for each of them.
  • I'm using width="300" and height="300" to match the bass tuner dimensions above. If you have another swf file with different size, you have to change those according to your flash movie (swf file) dimensions.
  • <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/> is a parameter tag for displaying transparent background of a flash movie.

More info about embedding swf file on Adobe.