Thursday, September 3, 2015

Priotizaer: Prime Factorization-er


How to Use

  • Type the input (positive integer) then hit "run" button. The output will be shown.
  • Minimum input value is 1, and maximum of 88,888,888 (upgraded).
  • Hit the input box to clear result.


  • It will show the Prime factorization and the factors multiplications list of the input number (if the input can be factorized).
  • If the input is a Prime number, this tool will return the "Prime" word.
  • For non-integer or negative number or value beyond limit, you'll see error message.
  • Additional: Priotizaer will also show the time spent for the process to finish (in milliseconds) at the bottom of the output.

The 88,888,888

To avoid browser crash because Priotizaer is using iteration.

JavaScript Snippet

Go to this GitHub code repository.