Friday, November 1, 2013

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Check your BMI here.
Anyway, I'm using the standard formulation as widely used nowadays.

They are :
BMI (IM) =
( weight in lbs)

( height in inches )²
* ( 703 )
BMI (SI) =
( weight in kg )

( height in m )²
Both will give approximately-almost-the-same BMI score (if you convert the Imperial to SI or vice versa).
Actually, the constant multiplier number (for Imperial) is 703.06957964et cetera.
  • For Imperial unit, you can put your height number (ft and in) on those boxes - you don't have to type apostrophe or quote sign.
  • For the SI calculation, it's using centimeter (in the formulation) so you can easily put your height (in cm) without typing dot (.).
  • Double click text input to reset.
  • In Physics, weight and mass are different.

    Mass is a base quantity and weight is the derived quantity (the multiplication of mass and the gravitational acceleration).

    But, you know, to "simplify" everything, this tool is using weight quantity keyword, even though weight is actually using newton (N) unit. Newton, taken from Isaac Newton, even though he wasn't interested in Physics that much, if he was an actual person, is a unit in Physics, mechanics, for force. It's very much questionable though. Like, everything. But it's used as a consistent reference, well in school or university, so... If you put like argh as a unit of force in an exam, usually you'll get an F.

    Hmm... I'll run away now

BMI with feet & lbs

BMI Score

BMI with cm & kg

BMI Score

For example, your BMI score is 22. It means that you have a NORMAL (healthy weight) body category.
This table (and the "meaning" above) isn't necessarily 100% accurate. But this tells you a common reference, for ordinary human. If you're a bodybuilder or a catwalk model or competitive eater or Sumo thingy or any extreme thingies (usually for TV or sumthin) out there, you will have different stories. Well, I don't discourage nor encourage, but I curiously observe some of methodologies to "equalise the metabolism" in extreme activities/works. They're pretty much um, quite, uh, um something. Comparable to cockfight or horse race maintenance, or any other competitions involving the (breeding or feeding/training of the) competitors. All in all, I'll shut up.

More info about Body Mass Index at dear Wikipedia